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We practice with a passion. Since 1998, Galardi Law has worked with individuals to provide customized estate plans and small to medium-sized companies to assist with creating a solid foundation for their businesses to succeed.

Meet Our Team

With over 17 years of estate planning and business law experience, the Galardi Law team has the knowledge and dedication to
assist in all matters of business law, non-profit entities, estate planning and probate.


Mary B. Galardi


Mary’s interest in families and the businesses they run and transfer can be traced back to her Irish great-grandparents. When they were young, they moved west seeking land and opportunity. The family subsequently owned a general store, a bank and a ranch. Despite enduring robberies and kidnappings, her grandparents managed to survive and keep their businesses running. Mary’s father also became an entrepreneur. He ran the hardware store that her uncle began and then sold it to Mary’s brother. This makes Mary a fourth generation entrepreneur who is familiar with what it takes to run a business and pass ownership and property from generation to generation.


Betsy N. Giesler


Betsy N. Giesler has provided paralegal, administrative, and marketing support for Galardi Law since 1999. Prior to working as a paralegal and administrative assistant, she was involved in meeting and convention sales. Betsy’s diversified administrative and sales background span more than 30 years. She holds a B.S. degree from the University of Georgia.


Tangelia Campbell


Tangelia Campbell has provided administrative support in the legal field for three years. Prior to working as a paralegal, she worked in the hospitality field. She is a native of Savannah, Georgia. She holds an Associates of Science Degree in Legal Studies from Virginia College.